Our Projects
Office Excel 2006
Office Excel 2006 is a major initiative to showcase the dramatic new trends in office administration, automation, networking, telecommunication, information management and customer care. The mega gallery of products will include Telecom products, Data and Networking, UPS, Servers to Laptops, Printers, Data Projectors, Multi-function Devices, Cables and Accessories, Mobile Phones, FCTs, Voice Loggers, IVR Solutions, Software and Hardware, CCTV, Photocopiers, Business Stationery, Office Furniture, Cash Registers, Currency Counters, Paper Shedders etc.

Lot many exhibitions, expositions and events do take place in Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala, with themes varying from Investments, Education, Housing, Lifestyles, Tourism, etc. etc. But none with exclusive theme on Telecom & Office Automation products & services.

With the growing emphasis on telecom, IT and IT enabled products and services, it is imperative that the discerning users of such products and services do get an opportunity to see & feel what is the latest in the field. Billions of rupees spent on development of these products & services and the customers should have an opportunity to see the entire gamut of products & services in telecom and office automation fields under one roof.

With this vision in mind, the association decided to organize an exposition in 2005, that was the beginning of Office Excel 2005.

It was held at Hotel Abad Plaza, MG Road, Ernakulam between 6 to 8th May 2005. The event could create awareness amongst the public in general and users in particular the effectiveness of such an event. The response was good with average 2000-3000 visitors per day.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the then Managing Director of Cochin International Airport Limited & Ex. Collector of Ernakulam, Mr. V. J. Kurian.


The association has plans to organize its mega exhibition in Office Excel series, viz. Office Excel 2006 with larger participation and making it one of the major expositions in Telecom & Office Automation in South India. The exhibition is slated from 23rd to 25th November 2006, to be held at the Rama Varma Club Complex at Ernakulam.

An Exhibition Committee would supervise and facilitate the successful conduct of the event. Telecom majors have evinced interest in sponsoring the event. A seminar on related topic is also planned during the exposition.


Other plans include:

Bringing out 2007 Diaries, Calendars, Telephone Index etc.
Representation to the State govt to remove anomaly in taxes.
MSTS (Member's Savings and Thrift Scheme) to provide financial assistance to the needy.
Legal Assistance Cell, to offer guidance and assistance to members in matters relating to taxation etc.
  Plans are afoot to conduct membership campaign in other parts of the state.