About Us
About Us
The rapid and enviable growth of Cochin (also called Kochi), the prestigious metro city of Kerala, in the recent years has attracted many of the world’s business giants, MNCs and IT companies to open their offices and development centres in and around. When Kochi was growing these days on one side, some people were thinking in a different way on the other. They were thinking of the need for world-class telecom and office automation products – for the infrastructure expansion of the changing face of ‘New Kochi’.
These people, with a strong engineering and business background, moulding a high talent pool in all parts of the business sector, established themselves in the field of telecom and office automation during these days parallel to the metro’s growth. They sat around a table informally, with a cup of hot South Indian filter coffee on a fine evening in Kochi with the Chinese fishing nets and calm pleasant backwaters in the background, to discuss their business matters.
They decided to meet occasionally to share their experiences on a ‘give and take’ basis. In the next sitting, they thought of different possibilities that can contribute to their motherland’s growth. Unknowingly, an association was taking shape in the back-end. When they advanced further more, they realised the need for an official association to represent themselves in front of the government to sort out some problems and needs they were facing in the industry. With a definite set of objectives in mind, soon an association called TOADA took shape.
Telecom & Office Automation Products Dealers’ Association, shortly called TOADA, was formed with its headquarters in Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala. TOADA is registered under the Registrar of Societies in Ernakulam. TOADA is slowly but steadily growing with a wider spectrum of membership and participation from all parts of the world.
  TOADA was formed with a clear set of objectives in mind and a mission in front of them. The association has stood and strived for:
Developing unity and cohesiveness amongst the member fraternity.
Common programme for the welfare of the members.
Encourage and promote healthy business ethics and practices.
Representing the members in various government and local forums, bodies, etc.
Helping members financially by running savings and thrift schemes.
Promoting the products and services under the ambit of Telecom & Office Automation by conducting exhibitions, seminars, road shows, etc.
The day-to-day administration and management of the association is rested with the Executive Committee, having the following members at present in it.
President Mr. P.N.R. Rao Artel Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Kochi.
Vice President Mr. Jabaz Talk Tele Systems, Kochi.
Treasurer Mr. K.M. Kamath Coastal Traders, Kochi.
General Secretary Mr. H. Verma Kromtek Electronics, Kochi.
Joint Secretary Mr. Kurian Thomas Xtend Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Kochi.